November 14, 2011

More of You

I smile just thinking back about services with Pst Kong and Sun this weekend. Such genuine hearts and anointing when they shared over the pulpit. Would never trade anything for what I’ve experienced today, such a strong power of the Holy Spirit throughout the service. These are the stories and experiences with God that words alone can’t describe.. Some things, you just got to open up your heart to experience it yourself.

It is the house of God that people come into His presence and love. And I’m ever thankful for my pastors who built a place where people’s lives are changed. We are all normal people, but the difference lies in being normal people with a desire for God to use us as His vessels. God is always looking into the hearts of men.

I’ll never be satisfied enough and I want more of You..

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September 26, 2011

Living Amongst Heroes

Every single day of my life I’m living it amongst heroes. It almost feels like I’m living in the world of Marvel Capcom.. Just like what Pst Peter Paauwe said today, people all have different strengths, and we need to rise up and put it to use. Everyday I see heroes around me, willing to lay down their own wants and needs to make a difference in other peoples’ lives. Incredible people like Pastors, Jieru, Zhilin, and all the other leaders. Its like living life daily with Iron man, Captain’s America, Spider Man, X men.. They all have a fight inside of them, and they fight for their convictions in God.

Everyone is uniquely gifted and good in something.

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May 16, 2011

I Choose To

At this pivotal point,

I choose to have faith and love.

I choose to give my best, and not lukewarm.

I choose to work harder because I’m not naturally talented.

I choose not to be discourage when things are not going the way it is.

I choose to have a good laugh and dance in the rain.

I choose to hold on, when resistance is strong.

I choose to hold my heart out to You.

Gotta make deliberate choices everyday even if we do not feel like it.

Live life by design and not by default - Bishop Dale Bronner

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May 15, 2011

Can I test this?


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March 7, 2010


Sacrificing is part of our lives. Some people sacrifice their time for money,for skills, for friends, for a sense of belonging, for success, for love.. I’ve seen much sacrifices people made, some for their own gain and some for the benefits of others. But the ultimate sacrifice that i know is that God gave his only begotten Son to die for us, so that we can have an everlasting life if we believe. And when God says ‘I love you’, He really means it and sacrificed His Son. There’s so much more to life if we think we’re satisfied at where we’re at now.

That’s why i’m always inspired by war movies. There will be men sacrificing their lives to fight for their country, men throwing themselves on grenades to save their buddies, and going to the extreme, some gamble their lives being suicide pilots. When the cause is sufficient, we do whatever it takes, sacrifice.

There’re people around me who’re always sacrificing their time for something more and i love hanging out with them. Just love taking bus rides back with Jasmine and she’s one girl who’s always so faith filled! She has great dreams of doing well for As and yet willing to serve in children’s church at the same time. It’s one thing to sacrifice others for self, and sacrificing self for others. She’s spending time where she can study to build others’ dreams. I believe she’s gonna do awesome for her As! As she’s building others’ dreams God is building hers too.

So what is worship without sacrifice? How can we sing a love song when there’s no sacrifice? David wanted to build an altar and offer sacrifice to God but the floor was the threshing floor of Ornan. Ornan offered to give David whatever he needed for the sacrifice, but David rejected it. And I love what David said here, “No, but I will surely buy it for the full price, for I will not take what is yours for the LORD, nor offer burnt offerings with that which costs me nothing.” Am i able to give my best to God when things are not going great in life? I dare not say i am, but i’m still learning. I’m glad and thankful that i have amazing pastors and leaders. The church is built upon their sacrifices. But i don’t want to just take what others offered up. Need my own sacrifices, but it’s a tough choice when you’re holding to what’s precious to you.

Don’t ever give God something that cost you nothing.

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February 13, 2010

Long Days..

This week totally drained me out. From assignments, to presentations, and exams.. I felt like a chicken being stuffed up with garlic in my butt. But it’s really a peiod of stretching and depending on God’s strength. I can only function at a certain limit but His strength is limitless. Though everyday was quite a struggle, God is good and he works wonders. Praying is not just another routine, but lifting up all the burdens and know that He is in control.

I’m taking up driving this vacation!! Whooho who says direction idiots can’t drive. Seriously, i think i’ll take up half a tank of petrol to get out of Bedok if i were lost. Oh well, i can drive Dad’s car if i really pass! But the thought of how my mom can WHAM into my neighbours’ car is gonna haunt me. She’s power man. Actually thought of getting a bike license to get a vespa, but i can’t possibly tie a guitar at the sides right. Can’t wait to start on practical lessons! But have got a feeling the instructor’s gonna vomit blood trying to teach me how to park in a straight line.

Holiday trips are dashed cos of lesson this vacation.. Hope to visit Japan if bro is going back early this April! But meanwhile, i think i shall spend more time practising, listening and composing music this vacation. Somehow, school time has eaten up my energy and by the time i sit down and practice, my mind is already floating. I love spending hours just coming up with something fresh on my instruments. It’s more than just a hobby or a favourite thing that i do for leisure time but it’s an enjoyment. It’s great having encouraging and inspiring teachers and it pushes me to constantly evaluate the position i’m at. Compared to other musicians, i’m just a tiny pea, nothing close.

And steamboat today!! It’s always the best when brother is back for reunion dinner! Grandma will be super excited and stuff him up with food! Sadly, i’ll have to bury myself under books this new year. Haven’t done any cny shopping, just busy eating all the sweets,tarts,nuts,bakua.. It’s no surprise if the fats start to wobble. Ok finally i’m getting a good night rest after this gruesome week and back to work tmr.. Goodnight.


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December 15, 2009

My braces are screaming out for xmas!

Whoohoo it’s almost nearing end of the year! It’s been a rather fast paced year.. I think my new year resolutions are rotting somewhere in my cupboard. hahah but it’s just fun to write down all the things you wanna accomplish though most of the time i strike none out. Can’t wait for Christmas days! My braces are already in the season! It’s time to pull out the arty farty drawer and do some hideous cards! Really love posting out xmas cards! Don’t know how others feel when they recieve one. But i’ll definitely rip open the envelope when i get my hands on it! Unconsiously, i’ll just smile when i read the message.

So, this Sat is the day where Mary is going to kill me and i’ve been having funny dreams abt the performance. Hahah and i haven’t yet quite figured out the solo part!! It’s the most interesting section but somehow i’m very stuck. OH fingers i need you to catch up with my brain! Mary’s gonna play awesome that day and i really have to record down how she’s gonna sway like a flower when doing the runs! hahah!

Having girly meeting in town tmr.. hope to buy some christmas presents already.. I’m thinking of getting mom a calculator but it’s seems too cheapo. I used it to whack a small beetle and the next thing i know, i killed the machine and bug. Yes I need to come up with a shopping list by tonight! Ciao!

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